“The Nanny State”

7 Jul

My hotel offers complimentary shuttle service within the city limits.  If a guest asks for a ride somewhere, the responsibility usually falls to the Front Desk department but there are others in the hotel who sometimes have to fill that role (Maintenance, Banquets etc.)

Two years ago, the Minnesota Department of Transportation decided that they must oversee the physical capability of people driving shuttles.  This meant that anyone who was employed to drive other people around had to have a MnDot sponsored physical examination.  I had mine done at Fairview here in Red Wing.

During my physical, the doctor told me my BMI (Body Mass Index I think?) was just barely under the threshold of where they require a sleep apnea test.  Now I’m not slender but anyone I tell this story to laughs.  I passed the physical but many did not. 

Several co-workers were disqualified from doing shuttles by MnDot which inhibited us Tuesday from doing our jobs picking someone up from the marina.  Because no one here was apparently trustworthy enough to drive 5 blocks and back.

One co-worker was told he would pass if he could lose 3 pounds.  Three.  Damn.  Pounds.  I’m sure that made him perfectly safe to drive, whereas before he was not. 

Now I’m sure this is all an attempt at keeping people safe but at what point are you an unsafe driver and what business is it of the government’s?  Doesn’t this type of thing typically fall on, you know, the business that hired the employee?  If I get into an accident tomorrow and people get hurt, the St. James Hotel, not John Q. Taxpayer, is going to be in financially liable.  So why do the taxpayers of Minnesota pay for me to have a physical to make sure I am capable of not having a heart attack while I have other people in the van with me?  Do we honestly believe that they can prevent accidents from happening by giving me a physical?

Is this just a case of big government for the sake of having a big government?  Are they that bored at MnDot?   

I tried to research how much money was sunk into this program, but government websites are obviously shut down right now. 

But wait!  How will “the people” feel safe in our shuttle?  THERE’S NO GOVERNMENT TO MAKE SURE IT’S SAFE!  Can someone please administer a piss test and tell me to turn my head and cough?

If anyone can find the figures on this initiative, please post in the comments.


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