Welcome to the Thing In Which I Write

26 Jun

Thank you very much for taking a peek into my blog/world.  I feel very strongly that the internet community is hindered by the absence of my opinions (you might have to get used to my particular brand of sarcasm).  Therefore, I will post items about my work, my golf game, the sports world, government and bunk philosophy.  I assure you almost all of it will be mailed-in.

A little about me:  I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world and have a 6 year old step-son who makes me laugh.  I work at the front desk of the Historic St. James Hotel in Red Wing, Minnesota and play as much golf as I can.  I was an English major at Winona State University where I met some of the best friends booze can bring together.  I enjoy good movies (Pulp Fiction) and don’t enjoy bad ones (The Wedding Planner) unless they are epically and purposely bad (Evil Dead II). 

The truly beautiful thing about working at the St. James is people.  First, the service staff here is so unique.  As my former boss Cheryl said of the staff here, “it’s like a little town”.  Many of those employed here have been here for a long time and are duly schooled in the unique art of customer service.  Going out of their way is simply “what needs to be done”.  This morning, I had a guest stop at the desk (and this happens on a weekly basis) just to say “you guys are so awesome”.  

The people who stay at the hotel can be so fun.  As I’m sure you’ve heard, there can be trying times of dealing with difficult guests.  Those are stories for another time/blog post.  I choose to focus my attention on guests that are in this life to enjoy themselves and treat people with respect.  I have a list (in my head) of six or so guests that stay semi-annually and we always greet each other by name.  I had a guest that stayed here during my wedding weekend that share my anniversary.  They remembered, and wished me a happy 1 year anniversary.  I got a card (with money!) from another guest for my wedding.

Please if you are ever in the Red Wing area and have not seen the St. James, stop in and tour. 

I will be posting again soon but just wanted to get a few sentiments posted while they were still fresh in my mind. 



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