One of those People

26 Jun

Just had nice little run-in with some of “those” people.  A man walked by the desk looking for his car; he’d forgotten where he’d parked.  I offered to help him find it and he told me he parked on the lowest level of the parking ramp.  So I directed him to the elevator and told him to take it down to “C” level. 

A fellow employee just happened to be nearby after I left him and she told me that she’d already taken this gentleman down to C level and his car was not there.  So I quickly jumped on the elevator and found him wandering around on C level.  I informed him that he must’ve parked on A level and that I would help him find his car.

He then goes on a rant about how he and wife were just at church and she was taking some time to converse with some other perishioners and he hadn’t wanted to wait around for that.  In fact, his words were “My wife is blabbing bah bah bah bah all day long and I didn’t want to wait around for that!  You know how women are!”  I of course laughed at his “funny joke” about women.

So I get him back to the elevator, I hit the button and we wait.  When the doors open up, the man’s wife and another woman come out to the man’s surprise.  They apparently were now done wasting this man’s time and were ready to go.  He starts raving about how long they had taken and how he was not game for this ever again.  The wife and other woman started walking out into the C level largely ignoring the man and I try to tell them that their vehicle is not on this level.  By this point, the elevator has been called away and we have to wait for it again.

As we wait, the man barks loudly at his wife and the other woman about their blabbing after church.  The other woman argues with him, mostly non-sensically, while his wife looks completely mystified.  The man says his wife better get a ride next time because he will never do this again.  All the while, I’m standing there trying to not look completely uncomfortable witnessing this.  As we finally get on the elevator and their arguing has ceased, the wife says “I don’t even know what’s happening right now” (!).  I am at a complete loss as to how to respond because, quite frankly, I really had no idea what was happening either.

We finally get to A level and they spot their car.  They thank me as they go on their way.  Little did they know, their little saga would now be on the internet thanks to the friendly Guest Service Rep that helped them today.


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